Electronicgadgetstore.net = Steinhausen Overnight

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Steinhausen Overnight has another scam chain call www.electronicgadgetstore.net.


This company sells watch winders and popcorn machines. I found them from web search and noticed their price is $100 cheaper than others, seem legitimate since they have mastercard/visa/paypal.

They have an option to give 10% discount if you pay by check. They cashed out my check on 7/16 and promised delivery the following week but failed to commit.

At first, they respond to my email within 1 day but then ignore after I started to sense something's wrong. The excuse was either shipment or custom delay, week after week. If you search web reviews by their company name or web address, you will not find any.

Only when I search by their address "17600 Chatham Hills Rd, Norman OK 73031", then you'll find 2 rip off reports.

I will continue to track them down to prevent more people from being hurt.




It has just come to my knowledge that this guy's business address IS HIS HOME ADDRESS....SO NOW ANY OTHER'S THAT HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF BY THIS *** KNOW WHERE TO LOCATE HIM




IF YOU GO TO DAVE LONG'S---aka---MICHAEL LONG----site 'electronicgadgetstore.net'...YOU WILL SEE THE AUDACITY of this guy!!!!He is now posting BOGUS comments from IMAGINARY customers.

TIME IS UP MR.LONG..YOU ARE THROUGH!!!!! OH, by the way...catch his radio show Sunday 9pm through Thursday 9pm Central Time. www.journeyintothelight.com.

Yes,you won't have to wait long to hear him BEGGING for---You guessed it MONEY!!!THIS *** ARTIST MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!


I had nearly the same problem. Cashed the check in June and no merchandise - or a refund as promised and it's mid-Sept.

Steinhausen Overnight - Slow reply from seller then backordered for months

Pensacola, Florida 1 comment
Not resolved

I ordered a watch winder from steinhausen overnight.Said it would be shipped same day or next day with 2 day delivery.

I never received email that they had my order. I got an out of office reply email when I sent 2 other emails trying to find out the status of the order which said he would not be back in the office until Dec 15th. His web page says he replies to emails the same day....(not true) Then I did finally get an email from Dave saying the item had to come from "overseas" and would not be in stock until the end of Dec. The web page says do not call the number listed because its a different area and they have nothing to do with the order.

I cancelled the order and have not received a credit yet ($150.00)...I paid through paypal...hopefully they will get my money back.Do not buy from this seller.....its nothing but a hassel and frustration.

Review about: Watch Winder.



Paypal will do nothing for you.I was in the same boat with steinhausenovernight.

Filed a claim, Paypal validated that I won. However, Paypal cannot get your money back unless the transaction went through eBay.

Paypal is worthless for fraud protection in outside sales--do not use them.use your credit card instead, always.

Steinhausen Overnight will not provide written warranty papers.

Dallas, Texas 1 comment
Not resolved

Unlike the other gentleman, I did receive my product and had responses to emails, however, they got slower when there were questions other than about the purchase.

I spent $120 on a watch winder that came with one photocopied instruction sheet and NO WARRANTY papers although a 1 year manufacturers warranty is guaranteed on their website.

Luckily I paid through Pay Pal and can possibly take it up with them. Hopefully, it'll work ok and it won't be an issue other than I think it's unprofessional to say you'll include a warranty and then him and haw about "go through them" not the manufacturer. Makes you wonder if they really are an authorized dealer.

Review about: Steinhausen Watch Winder.



They denied a warranty claim for me recently regarding moisture under the crystal on a waterproof watch.

Dave Long said it was "self-inflicted".

I wish I saw these postings he has done this to many buyers on e-bay.

Steinhausen overnight never delivered product and kept money

Fairfax, Virginia 2 comments
Not resolved

I placed an order for a watch winder box with Steinhausen overnight in November.

They failed to inform me that I would not receive it for Christmas. In January and again in February they told me it was back ordered.

I received an email in March telling me that my order was canceled. No apologies, nothing.

Today is April 15th: I have not received the product. I asked for a refund a month ago. To this day, I have not received my $200 refund and Dave Long/Steinhausen Overnight do not respond to my emails.

I don't know what to do to get my money back.

Review about: Watch Winder Box.



I wish I would have read these other complaints before I placed my order--I just got scammed by this "company." I ordered a watch winder in January and, unfortunately, paid with Paypal. I thought it was odd that Paypal was billed immediately although I received no shipment notification from Steinhausen.

One month later, I emailed the Steinhauesen.com's customer service department. They responded with a bleeding-heart sob-story that the CEO was hospitalized and no one else could either refund my money or authorize the shipment. In essence, the last paragraph of their response was, "you may get your winder in 1-3 weeks, and good luck at getting your money back."

In March, I let Paypal know the situation with a claim against steinhausenovernight.com. They contacted the "company" and did not receive a response, so Paypal validated my claim. Unfortunately Steinhausen's prophecy came true, and Paypal said they couldn't recover the money. Paypal also said that they were taking action and were aware of this "company's" reputation. However reassuring, I don't think I'm going to ever get a penny back until I take legal action.

Lessons learned: 1) Steinhausenovernight.com is a scam operation. 2) Never, ever, use Paypal for an on-line purchase unless it is through eBay--you are not guaranteed a safe transaction.


Looking for a watchwinder, I visited the SteinhausenOvernight site and purchased a watchwinder.I did this based on 1) the clearly stated promise that the winder would be delivered by 2 day air and 2) that there was a 1 year guarantee.

The winder arrived in 10 business days, scratched and clearly used, without an invoice or any promise of warranty.

I have made 10 attempts to contact them through email and none of these have been answered.This company is a sham and their business practice is a scam.

Steinhausen Overnight Advertising and selling items they don't have!!!

Dallas, Texas 4 comments
Not resolved

I bought a Steinhausen 8 watch winder from Steinhausen Overnight Jan 25, 2008 and they neglected to tell me it was on backorder. It was to be at my house in two days. I emailed them on Feb 6, 2008, and wanted to know where my winder was. They said it has been on backorder and would not have any until the end of February. I at that time requested a full refund of $299.95. To this date I have not received a refund (02-12-2008)

In my eyes, advertising and collecting money for items they do not have is FRAUDULENT!!


Dr. B. D. Northcutt

Review about: Steinhausen Watch Winder.



If you want to find a good watch winder that you will get, go to swisstgallery.com. They got me a product simliar as I had the same problems with Steinhausenovernight.com some time ago.

West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, United States #3238

ALERT...Lets get the word out...I found there site and was going to order 2 wall/desk clocks (an ATOMIC and a Weather forcastasting ) ,but after mentioning my plans and site that I had found on the internet to a co-worker ,he quickly steered me away with his nightmare much like the one you describe .It took nearly nearly 2 months for him to get it resolved....

All I can say is Consumers look-out,comment boards are there for a reason....

West Harwich, Massachusetts, United States #3236

I was considering ordering a quad watch winder from Steinhausen Overnight when I came across this article. I am glad that my research yielded this before I actually placed an order. I will now take my business elsewhere.

West Harwich, Massachusetts, United States #3232

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